New Logo Announcement: Introducing SHINE DADDY new brand identity

We are proud to announce the launch of our new company logo as part of the 4th anniversary celebration and ongoing evolution of our company’s brand.

Our business is growing over the last 4 years, and we thought it is time for a change. We have redesign our logo to reflect who we are today, what we do and to symbolize our dynamic future. We are proud of our services. That’s why our new logo retains core elements, including the globe and mouse pointer.

This month, we’re going to update all our marketing materials, online presence, stationery, etc with the new logo. We know that changing a logo is a process that can involve many steps and take some time, so we will finalize it step by step.

If you have used the SHINE DADDY logo in any of your marketing materials, please assist us in updating them. We appreciate your kind support and invite you to follow SHINE DADDY Logo Guidelines. Meanwhile, in case you are in the process of producing some new media and you would like to use new SHINE DADDY logo please contact us at to get the new artwork.


oluwashina-abayomiOluwashina Abayomi
Shine Daddy Operating Company Limited

Today is Shine Daddy’s 4th anniversary.


Today is Shine Daddy’s 4th anniversary.

It’s been a tough journey so far, and I’m so grateful to God Almighty to be a part of it today. It’s not easy to build a business, and I try to remind myself to stay focus and do the best thing I can.

People often ask if it’s easy to build a business. I always tell then it’s not easy. But if I can do it, you can too.

I remember when I want to quit my job at Procter and Gamble and travelling to a foreign land to look for green pastures. I told my friends I was excited to start my own business, and be my own boss. Given people the power to build their own website themselves is a great idea and I am passionate about it.

When I look back on the last 4 years, one question I ask myself is: how do I start my own business? I’m not a University graduate. I’m a foreigner in this country, I don’t have enough money and also have a very fewer resources. The only answer I can think of is: I cared about starting my own business and I care about designing more than anyone else. But I have no knowledge. So, how can I build my own business?

I cared about everyone, and I like each and everyone to build website for their business. And that is what we do today. Although, we have added other services such as Mobile Money and Money Transfer, which allows anyone to send and receive money to and from Nigeria, and I’m excited about it and what it’s going to become in the next five years.

The statistics indicate the first four to five years are the “survival years.” But I thank God Almighty that allows us to survive the first four years and we pray to survive many more years and be a big company that everyone wishes to own.

It’s amazing to see many people have used our services and used our tools to build a real website for their business and organization. Many have send and receive fund through us. We created this new services to help Nigerian in Ghana to get your money back home, and we continue to help small businesses and organization to get their business online.

I’m so grateful to be able to build this business. Thank you for your patronage and for letting me be a part of this journey. We hope to serve you better in the nearest future.

Best wishes,


Oluwashina Abayomi
CEO & Founder
Shine Daddy Operating Co. Ltd.

Set Nameservers for Domains Hosted & Registered with us

If your domain name is registered with us, use the following instructions to update its nameservers depending how you use or host the domain name.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Next to Domains, click Manage.

How you set nameservers will depend on the view of your account.

Card View

In Card View, your account will look something like this:

  1. Select the domain name you want to use, click Text Icon (Settings) and select Manage DNS.
  2. Under Nameservers, click Change.
  3. Under Choose your nameserver type, select Default.
  4. Click Save.

We automatically select the right default nameservers based on how you’re using your domain.

List View

In List View, your account will look something like this:

  1. Click the domain name you want to use.
  2. Under Nameservers, click Manage.
  3. Under Setup type, select Standard.
  4. Click Save.

We automatically select the right standard nameservers based on how you’re using your domain.

After updating your nameservers, allow 4 to 8 hours for other networks to access information for .com and .net domain names, and allow 24 to 48 hours for other networks to access information for all other domain extensions.

Web Hosting Account Getting Started Guide

If you’re new to web hosting, this article will help you get started.

1. Set up Your Web Hosting Account

Without setting up your web hosting account, you can’t do anything with it. So, check out Set up your account.

2. Upload Your Website

After setting up your web hosting account, you need to get your website’s files on it. There are a number of ways to do this, including using the application you used to build your website and using an FTP client.

You probably only need to use one of these articles.

3. Preview Your Site

Once you have your website uploaded, check it out using Preview DNS. For more information, see Preview your website.

If you don’t see your website (oh no!), make sure you have an “index file.” For more information, see What file displays when someone browses to my domain name?

To see if you have a default file, open up your FTP client/website application and make sure you have one of the files listed in the top level of your hosting account, also known as “the root.”

4. Make Your Site Live

Depending on how you configured your hosting account, your website might already be live. Check it out by going to your domain name.

If it’s not live, you probably need to update your DNS. For more information, see Change nameservers for my domains.

What does it mean to host a domain?

Hosting (also known as website hosting or Web hosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. In a sense, you rent space on a computer to hold your website. Your host, the computer where your website files are stored, assigns an address (DNS) for your files to your domain name so that anyone can find your website on the Internet by typing in your domain name.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is what makes it possible for others to view your website over the Internet. Without it, you’re the only one who will ever get a look. serves up…

If you want your friends, family and customers to see your website, you must host it.

  • One-click set-up
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Scalability to fit your needs
  • 24/7 secure monitoring

Shine Daddy offer fast, secure, reliable hosting that grows with your business. Hosting that’s easy, reliable and lightning-fast.

Web hostingFast sites = happy visitors

Did you know a 1 second delay in your website page load time can cause a 7% reduction in conversion? This can have a huge impact on your bottom line which is why we work hard to maintain top page load times in the industry.

  • Industry-leading page load times
  • High-performance servers for fast web sites

Web Hosting ServicesApp installs just a click away

Our one-click install process has all your Web hosting app needs covered, making it easy to build, enhance and manage your site.

  • Need a content management system (CMS) for your Website? Joomla and Drupal are just a click away
  • Maybe you want to sell products on your website. Try Magneto with one-click.

Powerful HostingPowerful hosting made easy

With its user-friendly control panels featuring cPanel®, our Hosting puts you in charge. And thanks to our award-winning data centers, lightning-fast load times and 24/7 monitoring, you know your site will always be safe, secure and online – guaranteed*.


Website builder and hostingAward-winning security keeps your site safe

Keeping a website secure is a full time job. That’s why our security team is on the job 24/7, monitoring your site for suspicious activity and protecting it against brute force and DDoS attacks.

 Choose your platform – Linux or Windows

We use industry-standard control panels giving you the flexibility to choose the platform that works best for your needs. Choose from cPanel for Linux or Parallels Plesk for Windows. If you plan on using a Web application to blog, podcast, or create a shopping cart and you are working with a designer or developer to build your site, check to see what operating system the application needs (Linux or Windows) or what software language will be used, before purchasing your hosting account.

cPanel for Linux

Each Linux plan includes:

  • cPanel: Access all the hosting features and settings you need with this industry-standard control panel.
  • CloudLinux: Keep your site online with truly balanced CPU, RAM and Disk IO limits.
  • CageFS: Protect your Web content 24/7 with this virtualized file system.
  • Free Applications: Instantly install over 150 applications on your website with just a few clicks.

Choose Linux if you’re going to use PHP, Perl or CGI scripting. Our Linux accounts use a MySQL database.

Parallels Plesk for Windows

Each Windows plan includes:

  • Parallels Plesk Panel: Easily manage your server, email accounts and more with this popular, award-winning control panel.
  • Windows Server 2012: Take control of your hosting with Microsoft’s newest and most powerful server operating system.
  • Free Applications: Instantly install over 70 applications on your website with just a few clicks.

Choose Windows if you’re going to use APS or ASP.NET. Our Windows hosting customers typically use a SQL Server (MS SQL).

All Plans Include

  • World-class data centers
  • Best-of-Breed routers, firewalls and servers
  • FREE email addresses
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • One-click install of free applications
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Flexible, easy to use control panel (cPanel or Plesk)
  • 1 GB storage MySQL linux databases
  • NO hidden fees
  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
In case you have any questions about this world class data centers web hosting, kindly call us or leave a reply below.
Best wishes,
Oluwashina Abayomi